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    This is a Christian ska album. It is not a compilation the “band” is called Ska ‘. They weren’t an actual band. It was a collaboration of Christian musicians who wanted to take advantage of the popularity of ska at the time to preach the Gospel. And preach they did. If you are Christian you will appreciate the lyrics..

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    Vokalis Band Kapten Ahmad Zaki Ditangkap Polisi Gegara Narkoba Anggota Satres Narkoba Polrestabes Bandung mengamankan pria bernama Ahmad Zaki alias Zaki dan Supriyatno alias Nono. Jumat, . berita TERKINI. Penampakan Makam di Karanganyar, Jenazah Hanyut di Sungai hingga Tersangkut Pohon menit lalu .

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  • Andika Kangen Band Seolah Bingung Dengan Lika Liku Asmara

    Andika Kangen Band Seolah Bingung dengan Lika liku Asmara Mantan Istrinya Sepengetahuan Andika Kangen Band, Caca, mantan istrinya sudah punya suami. Jalan Kapten Tendean, Mampang Prapatan .

  • Andika Kangen Band Merasa Kasihan Dengar Curhatnya Sebut

    Andika Mahesa ketika ditemui di gedung Trans TV, Jalan Kapten Tendean, Mampang Prapatan, Jakarta Selatan, Kamis . Penampakan mantan istri Andika Kangen Band, Chairunnisa alias Caca .

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